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Knockalong Studio and Hilda Rix Nicholas

The cover of our book features 'Une Australienne', by Hilda Rix Nicholas. Hilda Rix settled on the Monaro Plain via Delegate

NSW. Here she continued to paint, battling the winds by wiring her easel to a tree. She gave birth to her only child, Barry 'Rix' Wright at age 46 here in the original house shown here as painted by herself. She built her own studio in the European style that she had seen in France and recorded life as she lived it on a merino stud farm. Her grand-daughter Bronwyn Wright , told me that the scarf worn by Dorothy in ' Une Australienne' has been donated to the National Gallery Australia in honour of Ron Radford the curator who recognised fully this artist born in Ballarat Victoria and who died in Delegate.

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