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Odd Roads to Be Walking 2023 Reprint

The Sheila Foundation is excited to announce the second reprint of the book Odd Roads to Be Walking: 156 Women Who Shaped Australian Art. First published in 2019 and reprinted in 2021, Odd Roads is the most comprehensive recent publication exploring a wide cross section of Australian women artists of the last three centuries.

The book’s authors, Paul Finucane and Catherine Stuart, have very generously assigned the rights of Odd Roads to the Sheila Foundation so that the book can remain in print and available to be enjoyed by the Australian public. All profits from this and future reprints will flow to Sheila to fund its programs, including Into the Light; Recovering Australia’s lost women artists 1870-1960.

As well as being in bookstores soon, there are 100 copies available for purchase via this website. 100% of the profits from books purchased from this website will go to the Sheila Foundation, and you will also go in the draw to win a print by Australian artist Lana De Jager (pictured below). The price of the book is $90. Domestic shipping is $15.

Lana De Jager ...and just like that, they had escaped the patriarchy 2023

solar plate etching and polyester plate lithography, edition 33

29 x 32.5 cm (image), 36 x 50 cm (paper)

Available from the Print Council of Australia

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