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Patricia Piccinini's Skywhale joins the #KnowMyName exhibition at the National Gallery Australia

Nick Galvin, Sydney Morning Herald's Arts Editor revealed that the hot air balloon work, Skywhale, would be part of the #KnowMyName exhibition being curated by the NGA. This push and exhibition focuses on the contributions that female artists, past and present, have made to the Australian art canon. That project is in turn part of a broader push to make the NGA a truly national institution that expands well beyond the walls of its building in the ACT.

"The mothership is in Canberra, but to really deliver on touching the hearts and minds of as many Australians as possible," said Nick Mitzevich (NGA's Director). "We do have to think differently in this 21st century. And what I hope will define my tenure is how I share the national collection and really have a dialogue with all of Australia."

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